What is Memberstack?

Memberstack is an easy way to set up a membership site with Webflow and Stripe. Memberstack gives you instant access to Stripe Checkout and Stripe Billing. Because of this, our Memberstack integration works with both affiliate links and affiliate promo codes. You can get started with Memberstack for free.

Our promo codes integration also works with Memberstack - no special setup steps required. For affiliate promo codes, follow our promo codes setup steps.

Setting up our affiliate links integration for your Memberstack site only requires one script. In PromoteKit, go to Setup -> Step 4 (PromoteKit Integration) -> Memberstack. Under OPTION 1: Affiliate links, copy the provided script and embed the script in the <head> section of your Memberstack website.

Once your script is added, remember to publish your site. Then click Ok, I've completed this back in PromoteKit. When testing the integration, keep in mind that referrals will only be tracked in Stripe live mode.

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