Setting a Default Coupon Code

Once you've enabled promo codes, the last step is setting a default coupon code for your campaign in PromoteKit. You will need to create one coupon in your Stripe dashboard, and we'll use this coupon to generate promo codes for your affiliates when they sign up. One Stripe coupon can be attached to unlimited Stripe promo codes - the coupon holds the percentage off information, while the promo code holds the affiliate's unique promo code that they will use to refer new customers. This way, you only have to create a coupon once, and we handle the ongoing promo code creation for new affiliates.

Once a coupon is created in your Stripe account, go to Step 4 (PromoteKit Integration) in the Setup tab of PromoteKit, and choose OPTION 3: Coupon Codes. Select your default coupon code, and press I've completed this. To test that everything is set up correctly, go to your affiliate portal and test signing up as an affiliate. You should be granted a unique Stripe promo code after signing up.

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