We send you an email each month when you have payouts due to your affiliates. To configure when payouts are due, open the Campaign Settings tab in PromoteKit, expand Advanced Campaign Settings, and choose a payout term. By default, payouts will be due on a NET-15 basis, meaning payouts will be due 15 days after each month. For example, payouts for December commissions would be generated on January 15.

For paying out affiliates, we support PayPal Mass Payments and Wise Batch Payments. PayPal supports up to 5,000 payments at one time, and Wise supports up to 1,000 payments at one time. You are not required to use PayPal or Wise for payouts. You can always manually pay out affiliates using any method, and then mark payouts as paid in your PromoteKit Generate Payouts tab.

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